Pimp-your-life would like to introduce you to the highest Source en and ask Him for your destination of life. You are also able to get in contact with the highest Source and to communicate with Him. It is like drinking water and never be thirsty again.


We believe that dreams are given and that there is a message for you in person, to help you to reach your destination in life and to find eternal Light. If you ask us for an explanation of your dream, we will ask the highest Source for the meaning of that dream.


Life is beautiful and not easy all the time. Illness is one of the things which are heavy to carry. When you need healing on physical or mental areas in your life we would like to enter into the presence of the highest Source and ask Him for healing for you. We have had that spiritual experience in life of healing our selfs.

We have a couple of basic principles:
• Our inspiration is the highest Source
• We never ask for money, we believe that everyone can get in contact with the highest Source. He gives knowledge about the past and your destination for free.
• We always will be encouraging; you will feel lighter, encouraged and inspired afterwards.
• We help you focussing towards the highest Source.
• You decide what you want or not.

the source

You can ask an encouraging or explanation for your dreams on the site of pimp-your-life. Pimp-your-life will treat your message with integrity. Together with a view people we will ask the highest Source for an explanation for your dream or ask for an insight.

We can’t do anything without the highest Light, the Source. droomuitleg| healing | advies